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'A modern, fresh & very enjoyable

approach to baptism preparation'

Bishop John Arnold


'Parish priests and catechists will find this just the thing to engage parents'

Rev Paul Daly, Episcopal Vicar for Formation, Salford


A new flexible and enjoyable film designed to inspire parents and godparents and stir discussion. 

Available as a simple download or high-quality DVD. (Note: the download version now includes sub-titles. Existing download customers can re-download to get this new version).

12 parts plus questions, which can be run over one or two sessions.

Free online leader's guide and posters.

Engaging booklets for parents and godparents included with the course (extra inexpensive booklets available).

Includes a filmed baptism with input from Bishop John Arnold (Salford Diocese) plus sharing from parents and children.




    Parish set now includes parish-wide download (with Sub-Titles) or DVD (no Sub-Titles), plus 10 Booklets (5 parents and 5 godparents) costs £40 +p&p.  





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      Youth Mary
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      Amazing Gift: An Instructional Mass
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