Beloved Disciples

"This will help our older people hold their heads high and younger

people to see the treasure we have in our older generation"

Fr. Richard, Parish Priest, London


Pope Francis has been reminding us all that 'older people are a treasure'.


This profound and enjoyable course will help many to feel new value and serve with fresh confidence.


Ideal for parishes (possibly with cream teas), ecumenical groups and individuals.


DAVID WELLS is a Schools' Advisor in the Plymouth Diocese. A sought-after speaker whose contemporary theology, humour and story-telling reach out to the head and to the heart. He has written two very popular books.





DAVID PAYNE helps people to get more out of their faith. He is an inspiring speaker, author of four books and regularly leads parish missions & retreats.



plus engaging testimonies from older people around the UK

There are a number of ideal follow-up courses to Beloved Disciples:

This resource includes a drama by RISEtheatre. For more details of this Christian theatre company and its work in schools and parishes please click RISEtheatre.



    • Faith Formation

      The Joy of Hope
      The Gift - a life in the Spirit course
      Strength to Strength - the practical benefits of daily prayer
    • Sacraments

      Baptism - helping your children get the most from life
      The Sacraments - Initiation
      The Sacraments - Marriage
      Boxset - RCIA
    • Youth

      Youth Mary
      Plugged In - Youth CaFE
      Amazing Gift: An Instructional Mass
      Boxset - Youth
    • General Resources

      Global Healing and Caring Course
      Let It Be
      Beloved Disciples
      The Big Picture Course
    • Other

      A Touch of Heaven
      Support Us
      Saints - helping us today
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