Parents - you, your children and their Catholic Faith

You, your children and their Catholic Faith.

7 Talks by David Wells, Director of Religious Education for the Plymouth Diocese. 

Each talk lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and contains pauses for reflection and discussion.

A fun and flexible resource which relates the day to day challenges of parenthood with guidance that the Church offers. Ideal for parents bringing their children to the sacraments.

The talks titles are:
* Who would be a parent? 
* Why bother with baptism? 
* Confession do they still do that? 
* The Mass - do we need it? 
* How do children believe? 
* How can parents help? 
* Parents for life!





    • Faith Formation

      The Gift Course
      Strength to Strength - the practical benefits of daily prayer
      Saints - helping us today
      Believe - Reflections on the Creed
      Life to the Full - bringing the Bible alive
      Boxset - RCIA
    • Sacraments

      The Sacraments - Marriage
      The Sacraments - Holy Orders
      The Sacraments - Initiation
      Baptism - helping your child get the most from life
      First Holy Communion and Reconciliation
      This is My Body - experiencing the power of the Mass
    • Youth

      Deeper: Why Jesus?
      Plugged In - Youth CaFE
      Amazing Gift: An Instructional Mass
      Boxset - Youth
    • General Resources

      Beloved Disciples
      The Big Picture Course
      A Touch of Heaven
      the Joy of the Gospel
      Bargain Courses
    • Single Items

      Strength to Strength Book
      Head to Heart
      Dare to Believe Book
      Alive Book
      GoodNews (quarterly) Magazine