How might your parish benefit from the free downloads offer that CaFE is making during the crisis? Well here are some good news stories from CaFE@HOME customers.


Deacon Steve of St Aldhelm’s Parish in Malmsbury (Clifton Diocese) is using the CaFE@HOME download of Let It Be combined with Zoom App coffee meetings to share as if they were together. He has noted the speed with which parishioners have adopted conferencing technology. Three weeks in he has found the course on Mary’s life past and present is having a profound effect on the parish group.


As far as Penzance, our Parish Priests are looking for IT support and Fr. Philip has his in his website manager Tony Allbright who is considering the options including a time-restricted, private, unlisted YouTube channel as a means of sharing CaFE@HOME content with an element of control.


Those who live in Bolton will be well aware of Fr. Andrew Pastore’s streamed services from St Vincent’s. He will be using Zoom to continue The Big Picture Bible course that was disrupted, and he is offering Let It Be 

using the same App in May, the month of Mary.



Graeme Scott of Faith Development Ministries is the CaFE contact for New Zealand. He has been using Dropbox to share the free downloads for a time-limited period to those who register. He uses Zoom for the sharing meeting that follows. His members will gain the timely messages of The Joy of Hope and other courses he has downloaded.


Down in Bristol, Fr. Tom Dubois is reporting a growing hunger from his parishioners to keep meeting online and has been using Facebook to register interest in the Joy of Hope. 



Deacon Kent of the Living Water Prayer Community in Wisconsin is using 

The Gift - a life in the Spirit course download shared by email to its parish members.

CaFE have experience of running the courses and are still open during the crisis for advice and support.