below are two revised options for making the download process more customer friendly. Both still use Sendspace to store the video files. The disadvantage of using the Sendspace download process currently is that it looks a little complex and some customers have trouble with it.

In these new examples when a customer orders a download product they would receive a link to this page. We would have one of these pages for each download course. 

Example 1:

This first example maintains the use of passwords. Only one button would appear on the screen which directs to the correct Sendspace folder. The password is entered once on the Sendspace page and the customer is then directed to each of the files to download. Unfortunately, each session downloaded is a two-step Sendspace process. 


Example 2:


In this second example no password is required at all. The file downloads immediately. This short-circuits the Sendspace process and goes straight to the download file. There would be as many buttons as there are sessions to download. It is a lot simpler.

However, it does away with passwords all-together, so that the links to this page can be forwarded to anyone and the downloads would still work.