Knowing God even Better: DVD Course

This 5 talk series is designed to help Catholics deepen their faith even more. The talks are given by David Payne. They are filmed with a "café style" live audience and are inspiring, practical and enjoyable with much laughter. They include music, testimonies, icons and opportunities for prayerful reflection. The talk titles are:
* Knowing the Father's Love
* Knowing Jesus as Lord
* Knowing the Spirit as Friend
* Knowing God's Presence
* Knowing the Great Commission

Course pack contains two DVDs..

The Leader's Guide and an A5 Flyer are available as free downloads.

You will also receive a free download of the Knowing God Better: Music to help you pray CD with 11 tracks of worship music.

The sessions range between 15 and 41 minutes.

Please note that the UK DVD players use PAL format, whereas North America uses NTSC. Both PAL and NTSC work with PCs

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