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"Mary once gave us the Saviour of the world,

today she helps us to be filled with the Spirit of God"


  • Inspiring TV-quality exploration of Mary, past & present
  • Ideal for individuals, groups & parishes
  • Course Book has group questions + optional prayer reflections
  • Five engaging sessions (25 mins each) + Bonus Features

    Filmed on location in Walsingham, the Holy Land, Ephesus, Rome, Montserrat, Lourdes and Knock.


    • Input from experts such as Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Fr Raniero Cantalamessa, Rev Sandra Millar, Mgr John Armitage, Dr Sarah Boss, Fr Jim McManus, Sr Catherine Droste & others
    • And extended interviews with Dr Mary Healy (Detroit Seminary & Pontifical Biblical Commission)
    • Testimonies from Mary's Meals, Mothers Prayers & John Pridmore

      Each participant is encouraged to have their own very helpful and inexpensive Course Book to fully engage with the series. The individual course pack includes a single copy. Extra copies are available at subsidised prices with sale or return options and there is also a special parish & group launch offer with the DVD/Downloads included free (see below for full details).

      Let It Be: Parishes & Groups:

      SPECIAL OFFER: 20 Books + Free DVD/DOWNLOAD £40 (rrp £125)

      • Extra 20 Books £40 (rrp £100)
      • Extra 10 Books £25 (rrp £50)
      • Extra single Books £5
      • Extra DVD/Download Pack £15

      Let It Be: Individuals:

      • DVD/Download with one Book £15


      The production of Let It Be was produced in partnership with the Catholic Shrine in Walsingham.


      • Faith Formation

        The Joy of Hope
        The Gift Course
        Strength to Strength - the practical benefits of daily prayer
        Saints - helping us today
      • Sacraments

        Baptism - helping your children get the most from life
        The Sacraments - Initiation
        The Sacraments - Marriage
        Boxset - RCIA
      • Youth

        Youth Mary
        Plugged In - Youth CaFE
        Amazing Gift: An Instructional Mass
        Boxset - Youth
      • General Resources

        Global Healing and Caring Course
        Let It Be
        Beloved Disciples
        The Big Picture Course
      • Other

        A Touch of Heaven
        Dare to Believe Book
        Support Us
        More Courses and Books