How long before I receive my order?

We aim to dispatch your order within one day of receiving it. However, our standard turnaround is 5 working days. If you have an urgent order please note this in the text field available when placing it, or call us to place the order over the phone. Please add several days for delivery on top of this time.


How are Shipping charges calculated?

Shipping charges are based on the postage costs, plus the cost of packaging. We aim to charge as close as possible to the actual cost to us.



I'm getting an error message "We do not ship to this destination"

You may get this message if your order is very heavy. Please contact us by phone or email and we will advise you of the shipping cost and take your order.


Will you deliver to any country?

Currently we are unable to deliver to EU countries or Northern Ireland. Please phone us if you would like to discuss alternative options.


Do you have Distributors in other countries?

Yes. in Australia we operate through our Partner:
Sue Eckert
Mount Barker / Strathalbyn Catholic Parish
RSD 207
Strathalbyn SA 5255

Phone: 04 0836 2258


Will my credit card details be stored?

We do not retain credit card details once your card has been charged.


Do I have to pay VAT?

VAT is not chargeable on orders, as the business of the charity is of such a size that we are not required to register for VAT.


If I am ordering from a country where VAT is not chargeable, can I get a price reduction?

No, as no VAT has been charged.


Can I copy your material?

All CaFE material is copyrighted. If you wish to copy any of it, please contact us to discuss your requirement.


Can I pass courses around?

If you have bought a parish course (DVD or Download) you may share it within your parish only, for parishioners to use privately (but not to copy). Exceeding this permission undermines our ability to receive income and thereby reduces the ability of CaFE to produce further resources. Please contact us if you need further clarification about what is permissible.


How can I watch your trailers in full screen mode?

You can watch the trailers on by clicking on the word vimeo in the bottom right-hand corner of the trailer. When the screen loads click the icon in the bottom right-hand corner (4 little arrows pointing to each corner); then press the Play button. To exit full screen mode, press Esc.


How do I download a course?

When you purchased the course you will have received an order confirmation with a link to the website for downloading, plus a password if appropriate. See also our Download Guide.


What should I do if I am having trouble downloading a course?

Please see the troubleshooting section at the end of our Download Guide.


Is your material just for Catholics?

No. Although most CaFE customers are Catholics (eg parishes, schools, individuals) other Christian groups also use the material. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss this further.


I have video versions of CaFE courses. Can I upgrade these to DVDs?

Yes. In these circumstances we offer a complete new DVD course for 50% of the normal price. Please contact us to request this.


How can I help CaFE?

Please see our Support Us page. We greatly value your prayers, your encouragement and if possible your financial support.


What is your returns policy?

We will replace or refund any damaged goods. We will refund unwanted goods, provided they are returned in a saleable condition, less the shipping costs (postage and packing) we incurred.


Do you offer Sale or Return?

We offer Parishes the option to receive a course on Sale or Return. Please phone or email us to place your order. If the course doesn't meet your needs you can return it to us along with our invoice. Your only cost will be the return postage. Sale or Return is not available to individuals.


How is CaFE funded?

CaFE is part of CREW Trust, registered charity number 277425. CaFE is self-funding. Funds come from sales of courses, from our Partners and from other benefactor donations.


Can I write a Testimonial?

We would be delighted if you would write a testimonial for us, which we will publish on our website with your permission.


Are there sub-titles on your courses?

Most of our older courses were produced without sub-titles. We are actively upgrading them to include sub-titles on the download versions, starting with the newer and more popular ones. Please call us if you would like a status update about this program of upgrades or click here for more information.


Are you a Charity?

Yes. CaFE trades as Catholic Evangelisation Services, which is part of CREW Trust (Registered Charity Number 277425).