The items below are available for download from this website. You are free to use them in your parish, school or group setting as you wish.


Attractive flyers and posters can be created using the services of a local or online printing company sharing your download of our artwork with them plus your own course details to be added. Alternatively, you can make a print, over-print with your specific details and then make colour photocopies.


Having downloaded these items (PDFs) you can also send them to your Kindle (see these instructions). 


Amazing Gift: An Instructional Mass - A5 Flyer

Baptism - A4 Poster

Baptism - A5 Flyer

Baptism - Leaders Guide

Belong & Believe - A2 Poster

Belong & Believe - A5 Flyer

Beloved Disciples - A4 Poster

Beloved Disciples - A5 Flyer

Come to Me: The Gift of Reconciliation - Booklet

Deeper - Why Jesus? - A5 Flyer

First Holy Communion - Leader's Guide

Knowing God even Better - A5 Flyer

Knowing God even Better - Leader's Guide

Let It Be - A3 Poster

Let It Be - A4 Poster

Let It Be - A5 Poster

Making the Most of the CaFE Resources

Parish Mission Flyer

Plugged In (Youth CaFE) - Leaders Guide

Saints - helping us today - A5 Flyer

Saints - helping us today - Leaders Guide

Strength to Strength - A5 Poster

Strength to Strength - Leader's Guide

Strength to Strength - Talk Notes

The Big Picture - A5 Flyer

The Gift - A4 Poster

The Gift - A5 Flyer

The Joy of Hope - A4 Poster

The Joy of Hope - A5 Flyer

The Joy of Hope - Talk Notes

The Joy of the Gospel - Discussion Questions

The Sacraments - Initiation - A5 Flyer

The Sacraments - Initiation - Leader's Guide