The Big Picture I would like to thank you for producing this wonderful resource. It has helped me to pray the Bible, giving the Holy Spirit the opportunity to inspire and strengthen. The readings are a wonderful mix of the familiar and the less familiar exploring salvation history in an accessible way. The weekly meetings have helped us develop confidence in discussing our faith, allowed us to support each other and developed our community. We aim to begin The Gift in September

In the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis tells us, 'The Father never ceased to show, in various ways throughout history, his divine nature.' The Big Picture Course is an ideal opportunity to reflect on and to respond to the mysteries of the Father's mercy.

The Big Picture is a very good follow-up course to The Gift, and I am recommending it to others. It is so good to have this as a follow–up to Life in the Spirit courses. Thank you very much.
We would like to thank you all for this wonderful course, The Big Picture. We recently used it for our convent Lenten Retreat and found it so accessible, the interactivity and sharing so fruitful. 5 stars and more!!!
We can’t remember a course that the Community have enjoyed so much and got so much out of than this; the layout, the material have met such a good and fine balance. It really seems this is one of a kind. This course is life giving on a level that really matters.

The Gift...a great blessing and a wonderful resource. Well done!

The Gift...we had 35 people to our opening night! No Parish programme has ever been so well attended...the atmosphere was amazingly positive and Spirit filled.