CaFE is part of a small Catholic charity called CREW Trust set up in the 1990s to help renew Catholics in their faith. Although CaFE is enthusiastically supported by our Bishops we receive no ongoing financial support from the Church. Therefore CREW Trust has to fund-raise much of the very high production costs to be able to produce the TV-quality CaFE resources. We are very grateful for any support you and/or your parish community can give us to help continue this vital ministry that has blessed over a million people so far. 


Ways to support CaFE:

  • By remembering to pray for CaFE and the team.

  • By making a one-off donation either online (by credit card or Paypal - please click the "Donate to CaFE" button below), by cheque (made out to CREW Trust) or by calling us. If you can gift-aid this helps us enormously.

  • By making a regular standing order donation (please email or call us).

  • By considering taking a parish retiring collection for CREW Trust and/or taking an offering at the end of each course run.

  • By helping us to explore other avenues of possible funding from trusts, businesses and legacies etc.


Supporting CaFE with a Course donation:

One of the most effective ways to help CaFE continue to produce filmed courses and to subsidise their price to parishes, schools and prisons is to take a simple offering at the end of your CaFE course. Please see the short clip below filmed by David Payne, which could be shown on the penultimate session to prepare guests for an offering the following week. This short clip is also available as a free DVD, which is now included in all our course packs (please do call or email us for a copy if needed). Once you have collected the gifts they can be simply donated to us via the "Donate to CaFE" button below. Alternatively please email or call one of the numbers above. 


Thank you so much for any help that you can give. Do contact us if you would like more information.