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A six session Download or DVD series (plus free course book) designed to give practical help to those wishing to pray more in their daily lives. Inspired by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

Filmed in an engaging and humorous way with a TV studio audience. Each session lasts approx. 40 mins with mid-point group questions & prayerful reflections.

DAVID PAYNE helps people to get more out of their faith. He is an inspiring speaker, author of four books and regularly leads parish missions & retreats.







GIOVANNA PAYNE is a wife and mother of three teenage children, teacher of RE and Philosophy and a popular conference speaker. Her passion is to equip people to walk in freedom and joy through the Word of God.





FR. EMMANUEL MANSFORD CFR is a Friar of the Renewal currently based in New York City. He is a much sought-after speaker and Spiritual Director featured in the CaFE series 'Saints - helping us today'.








Free downloadable Poster, Leaders Info and Talk Notes are available by clicking the links below:




Course plus 20 books for £50 +p&p. Please call or email us for details and to place an order.



    • Faith Formation

      The Joy of Hope
      The Gift - a life in the Spirit course
      Strength to Strength - the practical benefits of daily prayer
    • Sacraments

      Baptism - helping your children get the most from life
      The Sacraments - Initiation
      The Sacraments - Marriage
      Boxset - RCIA
    • Youth

      Youth Mary
      Plugged In - Youth CaFE
      Amazing Gift: An Instructional Mass
      Boxset - Youth
    • General Resources

      Global Healing and Caring Course
      Let It Be
      Beloved Disciples
      The Big Picture Course
    • Other

      A Touch of Heaven
      Support Us
      Saints - helping us today
      More Courses and Books