CaFE course downloads are hosted by Sendspace from where they can be downloaded. There is no need to download Sendspace onto your device, or to sign up for a Sendspace account, in order to download the courses. Most course have multiple sessions and you will have to download each session separately. Most courses are password protected and once you have entered this you can download each of the sessions. Occasionally you will need to enter the password for each session. When using Sendspace do not use the "Wizard" option to download. Below are some screen prints showing what you will encounter when downloading.


If you have bought a course download you will receive an order confirmation from us with a link for downloading (and a password if applicable). Click on the link to go to the password page. Occasionally your anti-virus software might block this link, but you can safely over-ride this. 


Enter the password as shown below and click "Submit":


You will be given a list of all the sessions for this course. Select (click) each in turn:


You will be taken to the the page below (once for each session to be downloaded). Click on "download". Do not select the other options:


As the files are generally quite large we recommend you download them when connected to a WiFi network.

If you have problems reaching the Sendspace site, you could try a different browser or clearing your cookies in your current browser.

If you have any problems please contact us and we will try to help.



If you are having problems downloading the following might help:

  • ensure you have no spaces after the password you entered. This can occur if you copy and paste the password

  • check that your anti-virus software is not inhibiting downloads

  • try clearing your browsing history

  • try a different browser.


If after downloading, the video does not have picture or sound, it might be that you need to update your codecs. A small number of customers have reported having to purchase an “HEVC video extension”. Our advice would be to ensure this really is necessary before purchasing it (usually under £1) and to ensure you are paying a trusted company.


If your problem relates to downloading a course onto a mobile phone, Sendspace, our host, has advised us that they have a problem with their system affecting mobile users and that they are working on a solution, but don’t know when it will be fixed.

In the meantime they have given us a workaround:

  • Follow the link in your confirmation email that we sent you on your mobile phone

  • When you get the captcha screen – identify all the items as requested

  • This then sometimes gives an error screen

  • Go to the bottom of this screen and follow the link that takes you to the main Sendspace login screen. You won’t be able to login as you don’t have a userid, but you don’t need one

  • The mere fact you have gone to this screen overcomes the problem.

  • Now follow the link in the confirmation email again and it should take you to the Sendspace screen requiring the download password

Finally, if you are still having problems please contact us and we will try to help.