PDFs can be downloaded to your Amazon Kindle device or Kindle phone app. This applies both to the Downloadable Course Materials and to other PDFs for sale on our website.

Below are some steps to do this, but please note that Amazon sometimes changes their menus and functionality:

To authenticate your email address to Amazon Kindle. You only have to do this once:

  • login to your Amazon account

  • from the drop-down "Account & Lists" menu, select "Manage your Content and Devices"

  • from the menu select "Preferences"

  • scroll down and select "Personal Document Settings"

  • make a note of your Kindle email address under "Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings". This will be in the format xxxxxx@kindle.com

  • ensure archiving is Enabled under "Personal Document Archiving"

  • add the email address from which you will email the PDF to your Kindle under "Approved Personal Document E-Mail List"

For each PDF that you wish to view on your Kindle:

  • download the required PDF onto your computer

  • email the PDF to your xxxxxx@kindle.com email, using the email address which you added to your "Approved Personal Document E-Mail List" above

Once you have done this the PDF should appear in your Kindle, although you may need to sync it.