Most of our older courses were produced without sub-titles. We are actively upgrading them to include sub-titles on the download versions, starting with the newer and more popular ones.


Only the following DVD courses offer sub-titles:


The following courses or videos contain sub-titles and are available to view online, without purchasing or downloading:


The following download versions of our courses now offer sub-titles and are available to download after purchasing:


Your Media Player

Our sub-titles are burned together with the video files so should be able to be toggled on and off once playing in your media player. However, if your media player does not seem to do this correctly try installing VLC media player, which we know works well, or alternatively try downloading the sub-title files to run along with the video. Here are the instructions...


How to download and use sub-title files

We have placed all the sub-title files in folders which are free to download. Please see the links below. If you wish to use these, please download the sub-title files for your course and place them in the same folder, with the exact same name as the video file. Then when you start the video file, it should be possible to toggle the sub-titles on and off. This works on desktops, laptops and smart phones.


Links to download sub-title files

Please click on the relevant course link below. You should be taken to a download page.