Set up café- style around tables with projection/sound facilities. 

  1. Welcome and play The Big Picture Trailer

  2. Show books and give brief explanation 

  3. Consider if you need small group leaders        

  4. Small group questions to help discussion; 

    Who are you? How long have you been in the parish? Experience of parish life?

    When people say "Bible" what comes to mind? It will be different for everyone 

    Have you ever done a CaFE course before? What was it like?

    What attracted you to The Big Picture course?

  5. Tea & Coffee, toilet break and hand out books/take monies (background music)

  6. Session 1 THE PLAN - everybody quietly read the overview then show Download or DVD clip 

  7. Final announcements - remind those who need to that there is a 'Finding your way around the Bible ' clip on the Download or DVD, Bibles for sale (if you have ordered some in), bring a friend next time and remind them of the date and time

Session 2 will commence with prayer and sharing of the week's learning, and end with the film clip and closing prayer.