Daily prayer time to reflect on scripture and the teaching of the Church is essential to our Christian life. We have produced prayer reflection sheets to support this. There are only 5 reflections each week.

These can be downloaded, printed and then given out at the end of each session. Alternatively, the guests are welcome to download these themselves using the button below.

During the talks a number of books / DVDs / CDs are recommended, in particular:

Towards a Fuller Life in the Holy Spirit book – Charles Whitehead

Alive and Dare to Believe books – David Payne

Baptism in the Holy Spirit book - ICCRS Doctrinal Commission

The Big Picture journal, download  & DVD course - the ideal follow up (see below).

These can be bought individually or quantities of your selections are available on sale or return.


It is always good to get feedback at the end of the course; this can help you in running other activities in your parish or home.

Below is a simple Feedback Form that can be filled in by the guests. This is very useful for us at CaFE to ensure we are producing resources that make a difference.

Once you have collated the responses we would be very grateful if you could send us a summary to help us keep producing quality resources – Thank you.

Follow up is very important to think about almost before you begin. The recommended follow up to The Gift is The Big Picture course. Click below for details.