Thank you for buying The Joy Of Hope.

If you are planning to run it as a parish/group course then you might find this simple Leaders’ information helpful.

A typical evening (or daytime) event should ideally be run cafe-style around decorated tables with a cloth, snacks and refreshments.

The session could begin with refreshments before a simple prayer then a time of pre-film sharing. 

There would be introductions before Session 1 and a brief sharing on how the last Session has impacted course participants during the previous week for Sessions 2-4.

The film clip then follows lasting approx 23 minutes and concludes with group questions on the screen. 

This would then be followed by a time of group sharing before a final prayer of blessing.

A Session would run for approximately 90 minutes in total.


During the sessions various other CaFE resources are referred to and would be helpful supplementary material. For example: 

The Big Picture Bible Course, the Dare to Believe Book, the Global Healing film and A Touch of Heaven spiritual holiday.

Several of the other CaFE courses would be ideal as a follow-on course such as The Big Picture, Strength to Strength, Let It Be, the Saints and Beloved Disciples. There are trailers and full details of all these courses and many others on this web site.

Downloadable attractive colour posters are available here with a box for you to overprint your course details (either on your own printer or at a local print firm). BUTTON LINK HERE