Thank you for buying The Joy of Hope course.

We pray that it will be a great blessing to many people in your parish, group or chaplaincy etc.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you to run this simple DVD or Download course:



There is an engaging full colour A5 Flyer and an A4 Poster available as free downloads. Each has a box free for your course details and contact number etc.

If you do not have a suitable printer to over-print your details then take them to a local print shop for attractive eye-catching publicity.

Here is a possible short piece that could be inserted in your parish newsletter:

THE JOY OF HOPE is an inspiring and practical new filmed course from the CaFE production team. Filmed on the stunning Holy Greek island of Patmos where Scripture says St John had a life-changing revelation of our future eternal destination.

Presented by David Payne, these four enjoyable sessions will help you to face the challenges of everyday life with renewed hope and joy.

See for more details and a short trailer of the course.

Everybody is welcome to as many sessions as they can make.

(Insert practical details here)


Draft schedule (90 minutes)

Welcome people with refreshments and ideally sit them café-style around tables (with clothes, flower and snacks).

Begin with a simple prayer like the Our Father.

On the first session suggest people get to know each other around the table.

On sessions 2-4 suggest people briefly share their thoughts and reflections from the last session.

Then show the film clip (approx 23 mins each).

Follow this with a time of sharing based on the discussion questions which appear on the screen at the end of each session (see below).

Conclude with a prayer (possibly pre-prepared and led by a member of the group each week).

Following session 1 is a short optional trailer for The Big Picture course, which may be of benefit for those wishing to deepen their understanding of the Bible. Session 2 concludes with an extract from The Big Picture to help people engage more deeply with the message of Easter (this is particularly helpful for Lenten courses). After the final session River of Life you may wish to have a simple prayer session helping people to experience more of the Holy Spirit in their lives. This could be a simple time of anointing or a deeper laying on of hands.


Group Discussion Questions

Session 1

What impacted you the most about this session?

How has John's revelation in the cave enlarged your image of Jesus Christ?

How can Jesus' tender words "Do not be afraid" help you in your daily life?

Session 2

How has this session broadened your vision of Heaven?

What can you do practically to grow in the hope of Heaven?

How does the message of Easter help you to be confident in a future welcome into Heaven?

Session 3

How do you feel about the promise of a new body on the New Earth?

How does this promise challenge us to care for our common home?

What can we do to help people experience the joy of hope?

Session 4

How does faith help you to handle the tough challenges of life?

How can you experience even more of the power of the Holy Spirit flowing from Heaven?

What can you do practically to deepen your journey of hope?

Follow on

Many people will want to continue this journey of faith together and it would be great to show a trailer of the next CaFE course that you could run.

In The Joy of Hope film we particularly mention, and show a trailer of, the very popular The Big Picture Bible Course, which would be an ideal follow-on and can be run in two 6 session blocks.

Please see further details on our website and about the many other suitable film courses.

Please do contact us if you have any questions either by emailing or calling us on 0845 050 9428.

May God bless you and your course.